Thursday, December 16, 2010

Peace Out

So this morning I was sitting at my computer at work and I thought "HEY! Remember how I'm on the computer for 70% of the day?" Every morning I wake up next to my laptop(literally it's usually in my bed), carry it to school in my bag, and then plop down in front of my work computer for several hours. Then I go to class and bust out the laptop. Carry him home in my bag. We are separated while I go to the bathroom. Then he comes back out while I'm eating dinner and we barely leave each other for the rest of the night. And this really isn't because I'm some internet junkie, I do follow some blogs and chat with friends, and rarely write on here, but ALL OF MY HOMEWORK is on this thing. So today I thought, good riddance. Our relationship is suffocating me. I need a break, some independence. When humans ask me to do something I want to be available. I'm not ready for an exclusive relationship. So tonight I am declaring my independence. See you next week!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hate seagulls

Mom used to get mad at me because I use the word "hate" all the time. After the millionth time of explaining to her that I didn't actually "hate" said thing, she finally gave up on me. It's not my fault that I exaggerate, Brittany has been talking about wanting to "kill" herself my whole life. I digress. The point is that I finally found something I hate. I hate people that make me dislike them. Every time I go into the situation with a fresh outlook they disappoint me and force me to dislike them. I hate people that pretend that they are "teasing" when they are really jerks and I hate that me disliking them bothers me more than it does them. But mostly I hate that this is my problem and that I'm supposed to be charitable.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Help! I'm stuck in a fortune cookie factory!

Yesterday we had a work party and we had fortune cookies from Panda Express. I grabbed two. One for me and one for my friend Stacie. Hers read something about the exciting travel in her future. Mine said "A fascinating project is in your future". Seriously fortune cookie!? That is the LAST thing I want.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


This week was rough. Last night I analyzed my dead lifeless body: red, stinging eyes, headache, weak shakiness and general tiredness. Then I realized. This is Project Body. Throughout my life I have encountered several kinds of "body". Each is a result of extreme conditions and causes several physical and mental changes.

1. Office body: discovered during my first summer working at my dad's office. Symptoms: pastey white skin, excessive paper cuts, and a physical tiredness from doing NOTHING all day.

2. Peaks body: discovered that summer that I went to Seven Peaks several times a week. Symptoms: Calloused back, sunburned skin, and a zen-like calm.

3. Project body: discovered my sophomore year of college. Symptoms: all of those previously mentioned as well as an urge to listen to Queen and a difficulty communicating with others (including via blog).

4. Moving body: discovered the day I moved out of my apartment Junior year and had to attend Liz's "after graduation" picture session. Symptoms: Sweaty, dirty, sticky, disgusting.

5. Patch body: discovered the first time I worked a couple of 12 hour days at the Flower Patch for Valentine's Day. Symptoms: tiredness, delirium, and hands that take several weeks to heal from thorns, etc.

6. Warehouse body: discovered my summer in the fabric warehouse. Symptoms: dry pastey skin, extensive paper cuts, fibers of fabric EVERYWHERE, and an extensive knowledge of the top 40 songs of the summer.

In merely 5 days I will be focusing on achieving Vacation body. Symptoms: 3,000 calorie/day diet, excessive card playing, and NO RESPONSIBILITY.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I was afraid to say anything, but now it's official.

At the beginning of the semester I was doing everything in my power to avoid buying any books. Well I found my history book at the library and figured I would just check it out until I saved up some money. Usually, someone else will figure out that the library has it so there is no way to keep it all semester. Well, about a million renewals later I have successfully avoided buying this book, and I have it until January fourth. BAM! Saving 50 bucks never felt so good.