Friday, August 28, 2009

Frenchie...For REAL!

After essentially living Friday twice without sleeping(there were just too many movies to watch on the plane), I just crawled out of the depths of a short 45 minute nap. Maybe I will write more specifically about my trip later, but let me just say that it was, in fact, as great as I had thought it would be.
Rarely did I feel like I was in a foreign country, except for the occasional outrageously strong accent that I couldn't understand. Oh, and learning to walk and drive on the left side, Beyonce-style as we called it.
Besides the natural beauty and the architectural "wonderlands", Australia was awesome just because of the people that I met. I expect none of you to ever stay in the kind of sketchy places that I did for $15 a night. Therefore, you will just have to trust me when I tell you that while the smell of these places will stay with you for days and contracting diseases is always an option, it is worth it just to meet CRAZY people. Everyone has some ridiculous story and none of these people have any real responsibilities or direction in life. We were in fact the only people who where in Australia for less than a year and probably the only people going to school. It also helped that everyone we met somehow reminded us of a celebrity: Heath(Heaf), Johnny, Hermione, and others that I forget because I'm only half alive.
I will also always love Australia for the food I was introduced to. Namely the Aussie burger-with egg and beet, and chicken salt-which proved to be very difficult to explain at security in LA.
My brain is no longer working, but I'm back and you should all go to Australia!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"I think that guy just dropped off his girlfriend"

In just over an hour I will be heading off to the airport. Am I excited? Absolutely. But really I'm just sick of talking about it and I'm ready to be there already!!!! If I am asked one more time if I have seen the movie "Taken" I'll flip out...I promise not to be an idiot, thank you. I'm also feeling a little sad about leaving AZ since when I return from Australia I'll only be here for about a day and a half before heading up to Utah.

There is just something about Arizona that I love and I can't explain is just a part of my soul. I was hesitant about four months at home but it has seriously been SUCH A GOOD TIME! Weekend trips, water and bathing suits, redeeming my status as the favorite aunt, playing in the rain, mixed drinks from QT, seeing at least 2 movies every week, dominating in Carumba and getting my butt kicked at Monopoly and Clue, ridiculous old people at church, getting sunburned in the car, and the "summer nights" are just some of the things I will miss. I'll probably even miss those moments on Sunday with the fam that were so chaotic that I had to go sit alone in my room for a few minutes to recover.

Earlier this week Linx shared a philosophy on life with me. As she said: "Isn't the point of life to make as much money, in the least amount of time, in order to have fun with that money the rest of the time?" Really Linx? The point of life?! I nearly died laughing. However, the point of my life is to enjoy it so much that it is bittersweet every time I move on to the next chapter. I have succeeded again. In the meantime I will be having fun with my money in Australia!!!! G'day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

"I blew up in Chad's face again"

Things that make me blow up:
1. Being awoken at any time that is unacceptable, which is almost all the time.
2. Sewing machines.
3. The internet.

This third one was what did it today. The internet at home hates me, so...Here I am at Fry's using the free Wifi, thank you Uncle Steve for finding this gem and saving me. The "crisis" is that I have to mail in 3 projects for my internship class tomorrow and my pictures were locked away in an email. So here I am blogging, instead of doing homework. It is very possible that I will be up until the wee hours of the morning. I have had 3 months to do these projects, but really, everyone knows my projects require all-nighters.

The real reason for this post is that I'm just really excited about some pictures. A couple of weekends ago SAC took a bunch of us to the lake. I thought this may never happen due to her crippled state, but a bunch of friends came down from Provo and we all know a trip to the lake is imperative for giving visitors a good time in AZ in July.

As usual, the skills of the Judge's tube driving were talked up a lot beforehand. I don't think our friends understood just how great he is until Linx and I did a demonstration:

I love the lake, I love the summer, and I love thinking that I might die on a tube, with a best friend.