Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling Swiney

I know, I know, two posts in a matter of hours, but I've been laying down for the better part of the past 3 days. I have the flu or something. I kind of hope its the swine flu because that is the cool thing these days, who really cares about the plain old flu anymore? I just need to describe the scene in our apartment today.

I stumbled home from work to go back to bed and found that Linx was still in bed. She began fake moaning and telling me that I killed her. We both went to sleep. I woke up a couple of hours later to Linx coming home. She informed me that SAC had called her for a ride because at physical therapy something in her back "popped" and she can't walk anymore. Linx crawled back into bed. So, for a couple of hours all three of us layed in bed, dead for all intents and purposes. We are falling apart. Then SAC just came up to the loft and slowly walked laps...she is a grandma.

Living with the "Hard Core Boss"

You know how people think they know people, but they don't? Almost daily I observe how people react to me or my friends and I hear Jacque Redd in my head saying "You don't know me" or Anna saying "I don't know your life girl!". I am probably the worst at this, I am the worst judge of character. If I dislike you the first time we meet then we will probably end up being best friends.

The reason I've been thinking about this lately is because my dearest friend Linx has moved up to Utah and established some sort of new persona. Everyone always talks about how you can "be whoever you want to be" when you go to a new place and she is living it up. Everyone remembers her because she has a faux hawk, wears leather, and her "name" is Linx. They think she is some sort of punk rocker who lives life on the edge and is a partier 24/7. While I know these things to be part of her personality I also grew up in a ballet studio with her and spent the weekends with her shopping at Limited Too and playing "Categories" in the pool(how that is an acceptable name for such a great game is another blog post).

The point is that the best kind of people have so many sides to there personality that you could never really understand them unless you spent every waking moment, or sleeping moment for that matter, with them. I will venture to say that I have spent more time with Linx than any other friend I have and still there are parts of her that I never knew existed. Here is what I have discovered since she moved in.

1. Linx is European; she thinks that nothing needs to be refridgerated. Exhibit A. her juice that was quickly turned into wine. Also on this shelf, but not visible in this picture, was a sliced tomato.2. She winds up the cord on my blowdryer in the most inefficient way possible even though I yelled at her.
3. Forget cookies in bed, Linx does full-blown meals in bed. This picture however BLEW MY MIND. She had taken the time to make her bed, then took the bag of chips that she had been eating in bed, neatly rolled them up, and then situated them in there as if the bag was a pillow or a teddy bear.
4. For months now Linx has been running around our apartment complex using other people's printers because "something was wrong with hers" and she didn't have a UVU id card to use their printers. Then last night when Rob needs a printer, she tries to fix hers and it took, oh 30 seconds. And no worries, she finally got an id card too.
5. We all know what this is, bowls of food left out. However, with Linx it isn't just a haphazard thing, they are neatly placed against a wall. The walls of our loft will be lined with bowls, or my personal favorite, cups of 2-week-old juice. The best part of this is that when Linx finally notices said juice she starts freaking out at it as if somehow it snuck up there by itself. I'm sitting here staring at the bowls waiting for her to find them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You know what goes well with a donut?

How do I even explain my Halloween? It was amazing. On Friday evening I went with the girls to watch Anna's brother's concert. They just started a hip hop group, Can't Stop Won't Stop, and I can't help myself but to love them. The dancer inside of me just loves the beat of some good hip hop. Because we were going to Anna's friend, Amber's, party after the concert we were already dressed up. Anna reminded us all of her incredible knowledge of the 70's and 80's with her hilarious rendition of Ziggy Stardust. I just wanted to keep yelling out "It's David!" like when David Bowie shows up to judge the walk-off in Zoolander.After a great dance party at Amber's that night I was excited with the prospect of a couple of dance parties on Halloween night. The parties themselves were nothing too amazing so I won't get into details, but my company could not have been better. The night started when the boys hopped in the car and Cody asked me when I had woken up that morning. I shamefully answered noon, thinking that since we had been up late the night before he knew I had slept in and wanted to make me look lazy. I was mistaken. Instead his response was..."Did you have BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!?????"

Dave as Lucky Charms. Cody as 2% Milk. Cory as the Banana.
The night continued with as many breakfast jokes as possible, as well as numerous pick up lines involving what goes well with milk. Sadly Cody never found a girl dressed as a cookie or his real dream, a t-bone steak.
Cory also provided endless entertainment by dancing on cars and running through the street. Apparently he didn't realize just how high cut the back of his costume was, but it was very entertaining for the rest of us. Liz and I were birds. An owl and a peakcock. Somehow I don't have a picture of Rachel but she was there!