Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm not Stanley

Ok so I admit it. I have a love for Geico commercials. You may not get it, but I love them. There was this one, years ago, where the gecko spun around on the beach with a woman. The song that was playing was absolutely genius!! Do we recall? "Some times when we touch, the honesty is too much..." Perfection. For years after this Liz and I would frequently have this conversation about how we couldn't remember who sings it. Time would pass, one of us would remember and/or look it up, and then we would promptly forget before I could get my hands on it. Well one day I decided to put an end to this madness once and for all. So, when Liz reminded me that Dan Hill sings this wonderful song, I quickly added him as a fake contact in my phone with "1" as his phone number. Success! I later purchased the song with the help of my new "contact" and Liz and I have been enjoying the beauty ever since. Now to the real reason we're here...

Last night was horrible. Couldn't fall asleep, coughing, freaky dreams, you get the idea. AND THEN at 4:55 AM I awoke to my phone ringing. Blasphemy! I know nobody who would be calling me at this time! I thought it must be a mistake. I looked to see who it was. Dan Hill. No area code, no seven digits, just "1". DAN HILL?! I ignored the call. Needless to say the weird dreams continued. So when I awoke this morning and remembered what MUST have been a dream I checked my phone. And there in my call log. Last call RECEIVED, not a call that I made, a call TO ME. Dan Hill. Phone number "1". I have since checked 3 more times for good measure. My phone is scary. STOP THE MADNESS!