Monday, September 28, 2009

Rejected...Pub-lic-ly Humilated

Every trip I go on is defined by it's own set of music, inside jokes, and quotes. Many of these things are in fact not new, but somehow find new meaning in a new place. Australia produced many of these experiences. To Liz's disgust/secret enjoyment, each day something would occur that left Linx or myself to have no response but to say "Rejected". Because Linx and I are childhood friends, we are bonded together by our childish personalities. Thus, the word "Rejected" ALWAYS resulted in singing at least the first verse of "Gaston" from Beauty and the Beast. Brittany, you know.

Since returning to BYU I have been flooded with rejections. In the past week I have been rejected by a couple of jobs and ditched by both of my Visiting Teachees. To this I smile and proceed to get lost in the ingenious lyrics of Disney.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I started this post while sitting outside waiting for the Joshua James concert on Friday. Liz has a newly acquired ipod Touch and she now claims that the only reason i hang out with her is to use it. Give me a break, I haven't had an ipod since that fateful night I went 80's dancing in January and the new technology is AMAZING. Anyways, I couldn't figure out how to type anything but the title of this blog, so by "started" I mean, I typed the title.

I first saw Joshua my Sophmore year at Velour in Provo. A few friends were going so I tagged along. The concert was seated and I was on the aisle. Joshua decided to surprise everyone by coming from behind everyone playing his guitar. Since I was in the very back on the aisle he scared the CRAP out of me. He then proceeded to very passionately sing this song about how he didn't need God's restitution and was getting all up in people's faces. Questions were flooding my mind. "Who is this guy?" and "Why did my friends want to come to this?" However, things went up after that first song, they could only go up, but they went way up. I loved it.

I have since missed a couple of his concerts so I couldn't pass this one up. He did an acoustic concert Friday night and full band on Saturday night. It was well worth sitting in line for 2 hours. He is what I can only describe as a freak show but he is so passionate and I loved it! The performance never lets me down.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is why living with Linx is amazing:
The other day I walk into our room. Linx is laying in her bed eating chips and salsa and listening to "Let's Get It On".
The combination of those things is absolutely amazing, and who eats chips and salsa in bed? As if there isn't an entire apartment available for her use.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'll be holding a red rose

Welp. Back to school. I feel like I am at a different school this year. Why? I'm in art classes which are a comPLETEly different ball game. Crazy long classes that are actually fun. Linx is here which makes me feel like I'm at home. Also, I am a Senior? Technically I've already been one for a while and unfortunately I will continue to be one for a while so its not that exciting, but I feel old. There are so many fetuses running around this school and I can spot them a mile away. It is hilarious to me how many people are on this campus the first week of school. It really does feel like 30,000+ people and their babies. It is a bit overwhelming but I keep reminding myself that in another week the slackers won't go to class, the overacheivers will be camping out in the library, and the rest of us will have free reign of Provo.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the BYU Book Exchange let me explain the situation. BYU has set up a website where you can post books for sale and then search for books you want to buy, a Craig's List of sorts. I have a bunch of books that I wanted to keep so I didn't sell them back to the bookstore, but desperate times have forced me to sell them. This is probably for the best because realistically I would never use them again. Anyways, I posted them on the Book Exchange. The best part of this situation is not the money, but the completely awkward phone calls and meetings that follow. In the past I have had to call to buy books from others. I swear that every time I've done this the seller is named Alex or some other name that gives me no idea of their gender until I am surprised by their voice. Once we get past the weirdness of figuring out why one is calling, the meeting is set up. These are eerily similar to meeting a blind date at a random location. You try to describe yourself or what you will be wearing. On Monday I had three "dates" set up. I was selling off my HFL books so they were all girls. This time I just went with the classic "I will be holding the book". However, each time I just wanted to be Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail with a book AND a rose. Once we find each other there is this awkward small talk about the class, the book, etc. and then some goodbye that is like: "Enjoy the class" which really means, "Welp, I'll never see you again!" However, this was not the case on Monday. After I sold my first book I immediately met the next buyer and in the middle of our exchange my first date walked by, I felt like I had cheated on her...

I'd like to thank the book exchange for all the awkward conversations and encounters it has provided me with.