Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I was so excited to see this video about the groundbreaking for the LDS temple in Rome, Italy. It will always hold a special place in my heart because I was there when they announced it and saw how excited the Italians were. I cried while watching this, I know, ridiculous.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My greatest joy is being funny

So, at the beginning of the year several of us decided to do the "Give a Day, Get a Day" thing that Disney was offering. I helped build a house for 4 hours, I got a "free"-there's no such thing as a free lunch-ticket to Disneyland. It had been three years since I had been!(not including that trip to Disneyworld, they are completely different) Obviously I had to take advantage of this. We put the trip off until August, when Marci returned from the Dominican Republic. She conveniently lied about never being to Disneyland so we would be more inclined to wait for her. Rachel on the other hand had really NEVER been! THE HORROR!

We decided to first drive down to San Diego since Liz's family was there that weekend. And again, some people have spent little to no time there, who are these people? The first night we went downtown and walked around Seaport Village. I have spent countless hours in these ridiculously specific shops. We spent the most time in the hat store of course. I love entertaining people with hats.

The next day we walk around Balboa Park. The highlight being when I asked an Asian man to take our picture. He turned out to be a "professional" and proceeded to take individual shots of each of us. Liz and I weren't good enough posers for him. "Action!" Then we headed over to Coronado. Talk about freezing water. San Diego really failed me this year as far as weather goes. I got to show the girls how to stick their fingers and toes into sea anemones, seriously what kind of childhoods did these people have?!

We met up with Liz's family the next day and went to Del Mar! Talk about nostalgia. Then we headed over to Mission Beach that night and I showed them the ways of giant pizza.

I only put this picture up in remembrance of that night. We were killing time on the boardwalk because we were "lost" and waiting for Liz's family. In a short 15 minutes: A man removed all of his clothing and ran into the ocean. I was asked to pose for an Asian yet again. And due to my sweet dance moves some awesome guys gave us their hip hop cd "gas n go".

We drove up to LA the next day to do all the touristy things. Liz bought this map in hopes of redeeming herself after getting us severely lost. Who knew that there were 2 Rodeo drives?

I have been dying to see the Disney Concert Hall and I was NOT disappointed. It's amazing!

Outside the Chinese Theater. This square was Jimmy Stewart's.

Finally the big day! Rachel got us to Disneyland in record time. We were there at 8 am sharp and full of excitement.

We upgraded to Park Hopper tickets basically for this one ride. Was it worth it? I know we would all say yes, easily. Somehow there was almost never a line so we went on the Tower of Terror 6 or 7 times. The great thing about Disneyland is the pictures that are meant to capture "fear" or something. It has been years now that this has simply been another way for me to entertain myself and others. I can be spotted here in the purple hoodie.

3 hours of sleep, 14 hours of diligent roller coaster riding, 1 firework show, 6 churros, 1 turkey leg, 1 pineapple delight, and 2 corndogs later we realized that although we looked like this...

Children would never be able to skip out of Disneyland at midnight.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chicken Cereal

Right before we left we took some pictures in front of this awesome cornfield that is literally 10 feet from their house. This is the only picture where Sac's face looks remotely normal. (Let's pray that there is shade on her wedding day.) Just after this picture was taken we dared Liz to taste the corn. It's for animals, ask her how she liked it.

Other highlights of this trip include delicious food, OWLS!, chile con carne, outdoor naps and reading, sleeping in the cold basement, and several farming metaphors at church.

Note: I am so upset with blogger right now, it sucks. Now that I know how to write html this whole thing may need to change. I'm so frustrated!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Do I need to take off my pants?

Yesterday was a weird and very long day. It started becoming long when I had to listen to Wicked and hear 5 more "how I met my husband" stories in patternmaking. Thank you HFL girls for living up to your stereotype. Not only do I want to punch babies when I hear Wicked but it is now official that I am one of a max of three single people in all of my classes. AAAAAAHHHHHHH! I need to write on here more, but for now I'm off to Park City to enjoy the fall mountain air!