Sunday, June 27, 2010

"You will find a bushel of money."

I'll have you know that my Google translator is automatically set to translate from Chinese to English. I think you know why. Here's what they have to say:

"Ado, I wish you liking"

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

"Such a good blog, see later how to do ah"

"you always know the right thing to say!"-I especially love this one

"Death is sad, but even more sad to live unhappy"

I continue to play around with the idea of making my blog private, but who doesn't want their own personal fortune cookie writers?

It's so shameful

It's been a long time since I've written and I'm sure you're all dying for a funny story. I happen to have one.

Recently Sac related to me her side of a series of fiascoes in our apartment. From her room she could easily hear the conversations in the bathroom that I shared with Linx. One day while sitting in her room she hears something along these lines:
Me: "Why is my toothbrush wet?".
Linx: "That's my toothbrush."
Me: "No it's not."
Linx: "Yes it is."
Me: "NO IT'S NOT!"
Linx: "Sorry!"

A few weeks later:
Me: "Linx, why do you always put my loofah on the ground?!"
Linx: "That's my loofah."
Me: "No, it's mine."
Linx: "I KNOW that that is my loofah."
Me: "NO IT'S NOT!"
Linx: "Sorry!"

Then about a month ago I go to brush my teeth and AGAIN find it moist and CLEARLY recently used. I text Linx "I hate you". I similar conversation as those above occurs. That night Liz gives me a new toothbrush and I move anything related to my teeth into Liz's bathroom.

Things were going smoothly until last night. I'm brushing my teeth and as I spit my eye catches the toothbrush holder. What's this?! My toothbrush is in there. This can only mean one thing. I HAVE USED LIZ'S TOOTHBRUSH! She's in the loft. I crawl up the stairs. Defeated. Lift the toothbrush in surrender and tell her the news. The irony is too much to handle.

However, while Linx is still using my toothbrush, I boiled Liz's and returned it to it's home.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well. It's two days after my birthday and I'm sitting in the flaming hot loft surrounded by a combination of facial hair, cake, and sad balloons. It was a great party--thank you Liz, Rachel, Marci, Linx, Dede, and Cory and whoever else I forgot! Ridiculous and funny. Once I get my hands on some more pictures I'll post them, but this little gem captures the night pretty well. This was taken just moments after Cody sneak attacked me from behind and smashed a chocolate cupcake in my mouth. What would I do without him? The combination of sweat from dancing and the frosting really did a number on my hair that night.

Normally birthdays are no big deal, but for some reason 22 made me feel weird. Maybe it was just a general lack of sleep. Maybe it's because I should be a grown up now and I'm still a kid. OR Maybe it's because all I ate was 3 cinnamon rolls and in 'n out that day. Whatever it is, I feel weird.

Things I googled today:
1. Curds and whey. It is in fact just cottage cheese. I had NO idea.
2. The Jingle Cats. One of the original members of the band was named BINKY! Coincidence? I think not.