Friday, January 21, 2011

Ed Hardy

A couple of weeks ago, Liz asked me to turn in her request for a transcript. Yay for grad school! In true Emily fashion I forgot to take it on two separate occasions, so she drove me to the ASB to drop it off. I got in line behind an Ed Hardy character. If you don't know what Ed Hardy is then this story won't be nearly as good, feel free to do a quick Google search. So Ed Hardy is power-stancing it in front of the desk and explaining his predicament. Obviously I couldn't help but listen in. The conversation goes a little like this:

Ed Hardy: "So I requested a transcript a while ago and it was never sent."
Desk guy: "I'm sorry, what's your name? I'll look up the status of it."
EH: "Ed Hardy."
DG: "I have see no information about this. When did you request it?"
EH: "About a year ago."
(WHAT!? This is when I started freaking out. Are you kidding me? You asked for a transcript one YEAR ago and now you are just checking up on things? I mean normally ordering a transcript signals some sort of new school or something important. It just didn't show up so you put your life on hold for A YEAR?!)
Desk Guy: "Oh. Well, yeah, we don't keep information for that long. I'll just have to have you fill out a new one."
EH: "Do you have the address for UVU on hand?"
And that's when it all made sense...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Due to a combination of factors I have lost like 6 pounds in the past week. It made me think of this picture: