Monday, August 22, 2011

$175 Share women's room in Provo

So I have found myself in a little bit of a predicament. I'm not actually homeless, but I'm basically couch surfing. This is due to my lack of commitment to a city of residence at the current moment. I kept thinking things would just work themselves out before August 20th, but THAT didn't happen. So if I don't get this job in Sandy this week, then I think I might commit to a 4 month contract here in Provo. I know big step. On my lunch break today, I came home (to my old home which I'm still pretending to live in), and looked up housing on Craigslist. I found exactly what I'm looking for:

Singles Women housing.

Shared room near BYU.
Large Kitchen and living room.
No contract or deposit.
please inquire if anymore information is needed.

Okay, maybe not exactly what I'm looking for because it's shared, and oh wait, SUPER SKETCHY. But then I realized, with my commitment issues, sketchy is probably what I'm going to end up with. The last line is the best. You gave me four sentence fragments and have the nerve to finish it with "IF" any more info is needed?!