Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You know I don't speak Spanish

For 22 years I've been saying:


Turns out there is no "s" at the end people. It's just "anyway".

Tie you over.

Wrong-o. Turns out this one is in fact "Tide you over". It comes from the Old English tide, meaning time. Like yuletide.

Shouldn't someone have told me these things? Ridiculous. I guess Dad was too busy correcting my usage of number vs. amount.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Salamander Frenzy

I got mail today people. From the University of Alabama. Is it possible that I have never blogged about this subject? I'm too lazy to look back and see if I have, but listen up. It all started in high school. I received my first letter from the University of Alabama. Assuming that they just wanted me to go to school there, I just threw away their letters for several months. I still have yet to find a reason to set foot in Alabama, why bother to open their pleas for my academic genius.
However, a strange thing happened when I started school at BYU. The letters continued. They weren't forwarded from my home, but had my actual dorm address on them. This has continued throughout the years, at every apartment that I have lived in. Lesson #56 about me: When things annoy me, I just let them annoy me until it gets to the point where I freak out. However, when the freak outs become funny to room mates and friends, I let said thing continue to annoy me for comic relief. Lesson #1 about me: My greatest joy is being funny. Therefore, I have done nothing to stop contact with University of Alabama. One time SJ called them to set things straight, but they were closed.
Oh wait, remember how I have left out possibly the best part of this story? All letters are addressed to Mrs. Emily Blackwood Baird. Issues here being that #1a. I am not married and #2b. My maiden name/middle name is in fact not Blackwood. However, we do share initials, so obviously they can't be expected to realize that this is in fact not me. It took a couple of years for me to even realize that these letters were in fact coming from the Alumni Association. You'd think someone would have caught on when they were sending an Alabama Alum mail at a dorm, but alas.
Okay so the point is that it has happened again today, but this is my favorite so far. We are having our 50 year REUNION! Turns out that I graduated in 1961!

So Mrs. Emily Blackwood Baird, wherever you are. I'm really sorry that you will be missing this reunion, but I'm really jealous that you guys had sock hops, the pictures look awesome!