Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Price Family Tree

Although we are nearing Christmas, I felt a little something needed to be said about Thanksgiving this year. Not only was it "our turn" for Thanksgiving so all the sibs were here, but it was also the J.R. Price reunion which happens once every three years. I just have a few thoughts on the event.

First, I did end up staying at Orange Tree, which was a good call. Sadly, I think it may be the last time because Dayne and Myhoa realized that they were foolish for giving it up! However, if you ever stay there, keep in mind that this place was built on a skinny mile-long piece of land with the parking lot at one end. Needless to say that was fun. Particularly the one time Brittany forgot her keys so I had to literally run back to the room. I returned with a bloody foot. Also, the one time I walked to the house from the hotel I got honked at by a raper van. Awesome.

Second, Thanksgiving at Village Inn is surprisingly good. While my grandma may have been appalled, I think she would have been happy that all 74 of us were together, even if we weren't eating off of china.

Third, these extended family reunions are just awesome. I am telling you there is a full on itinerary including classes, a talent show, and a 3 hour long testimony meeting. When Linx heard us reading off the schedule one day she finally interrupted with a confused..."What is this?!" We even have a song "Price Family Tree". I need to get my hands on those lyrics for a future blog post, keep an eye open.

Fourth, you may ask if I had any interesting sleeping experiences this family vacation? For one full day I slept in a fit of dilirium in my hotel room, only to be awoken for the occasional throw up. On Thanksgiving day I took a nap on the ground behind some chairs because there were no couches or beds open, and no one could find me.

Fifth, the same day I was dying my Dad went to the emergency room so everyone forgot about me in my hotel. Okay his was more serious, but he's okay.

While that weekend was absolutely crazy it was actually a really good time. Rarely are we all together. And of course I recovered quickly enough to come back and dominant in some Carumba. The one thing I lament is that I did not have some poor boy to bring home this Thanksgiving. With the amount of chaos and ridiculous family gatherings, along with singing our family song, I think we could have scared just about anyone to death. It would have made a great movie.

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liz said...

I wish someone would make this into a movie. Boy or not, it would be worth watching.